About Erna Kristin, aka Elsora

(Text used with a permission from an interview with Soupdesign blog in 2012) 

Erna Kristín doesn’t just do graphics and illustrations; she also has produced a line of handmade and silk-screened tea towels, napkins and pillows. She seems to have no boundaries to what she can do and create. Her work is sometimes very graphic and other times she is playing with some great organic forms, but it is the combination of the two that sets her a part.

Elsora was my name for my final project at the Academy of Art University in SF. These are the initials of my girls’ names, Elena, Sophia and Raven. I thought it was appropriate since I learn from them about spontaniousity and unpolluted creative energy that most kids have. Unfortunately, we lose a lot of it when we grow up, and sometimes we have to honestly find it, because it’s hidden underneath layers of old ideas of how the creative process should look like, or we are tied to certain outcomes.
I draw my inspirations from everywhere. I don’t know when or where they come from, they don’t have a schedule. Everything can be an inspiration if you just pay attention
to it!


7 thoughts on “About Erna Kristin, aka Elsora”

  1. Hey, Erna — these designs are fun! I came over from A-List blogging to check you out. I have a fledgling blog on seasonal cooking called “The Kale Chronicles” (See gravatar below). — Sharyn

  2. i really like your style.

  3. Thank you superdefective!

  4. Beautiful work!

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