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Hi, I´m opening up an Etsy store soon. 

I´ve been thinking about this quite a deal lately, so it is important to voice my thoughts here in the open. I might be dead wrong, but all worth trying. You can tell me if I am steering my small business ship off a cliff or if I’m doing a worthy thing, for you, and for me. Please be kind and do, I’m new to this thing!

It is important for my customers to feel treated like human beings, not monkeys or numbers. Unfortunately, it has happened to me, quite a few times and it’s disappointing. Period! So if your name will be spelled wrong or your print has a ketchup stain on it, money back guarantee, pinky promise! 

Yes, the customer is really important, (and so am I otherwise there would be no nice product). This also means that I will take some extra steps to make the actual experience of buying prints from me a worthy one. By worthy, I mean I won´t let you feel like you´ve done the dumbest mistake possible on the internet and therefore give all other creatives, including myself that are selling out there a big, black eye.

 One thing for certain is that when the product will be handed to you, it won´t be in a wet envelope. I´ll make sure your print will be received as a print specified on the site, not from a Kinkos copy machine or on a piece of a napkin. And it will be done in a timely manner. Like few days or so! I’ll do my very best to make you happy with your product, and hopefully you will visit me again in the future, and I get to serve you and your community. 

(And there will be some nice freebee involved) Until next time…