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A lot of people have been asking me if my work is sold as prints, and the answer has been ehhh… no.

It might be some self esteem or insecurity issues that comes with being a freelance designer and illustrator not doing this promptly until now, but like a friend said, “get over it”. And she´s right. It´s my livelihood, my income, at some point, I have to get it out. And this is a beginning, a place where people can buy my work.

So after some thought I decided to take that online store avenue idea and make it really happen. The first step has been to scan and print and hang some examples of my work that will be available. The next, order some killer paper. I mean the best, the silkiest, the most vibrant, the best. So stay tuned, my dear.

Oh, and I promise to offer a great customer service, too!