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I think we all look at the same things but we see them differently.

A beach, an ocean, a plant life: I see a scene as a layers, layers of forms. Some are neatly placed in the front, some are in the back. I see interesting compositions, others just run along the horizon in a classic and quiet way. Some are very pattern oriented. Some of the plants are light as feathers, others rounded and clean like golf balls. Some leaves form interesting shapes, almost perfectly rounded like coins, others are sharp, potent and some form spirals. Then there are collection of colors, I see some complementaries, some shades of grays and greens.

This is my process of translating drawing into a painting, and I don’t draw what I see. I draw more like what I feel. A drawing is like a piece of music, it has different a structure, sounds and tones.

What do you see and feel in your creative experience?