Gouache on paper, 8 by 10 inches

I painted this one for Lilla Rogers “Global Talent Search. The theme was Little Terrariums, and we were given unlimited freedom for interpretation which was super challenging, as the subject itself.red birds, pink birds

My life has been so hectic, so full, and I managed to complete the assignment while cat sitting in San Francisco, and this painting took full 15 hours. Needless to say, my back hurts.

When I went to Kinkos to scan in the art work, the result of the image scanned in 300dpi, was terrible. So I delivered the piece as a very rough, pixelated image, which was a bummer, cause it’s very refined and I wanted the details to stand out as much as possible. And I spent a lot of time on it!

But I had fun with it, and I completed, and I am already working on my next one.