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Been to Texas and back, driving, thousands of miles behind and I am so glad to be soon back in the beautiful Bay Area.

Again, a four day stop in the lovely, strange and absurd Las Vegas. And while people are shopping, gambling, getting drunk, etc, I am up in my hotel room wrapping up couple of projects.

I am doing digital design, so called info graphics, popular these days, but dedicated to the greater good and to bring awareness to our environment and our planet. But before I start any project, digital of painted, I draw. So, first, I started with few sketches. Tossed few ideas around and then my mental roadblock started to dissolve.


Before I knew I was drawing and everything went pretty well. When I start to forget about meals, I’m in the zone. Isn’t it sometimes nice although health experts tell otherwise?


And that’s how the story goes. From sketches, everything is possible. If you have your set of colors, few brushes, Photoshop or digital tools, with a proper groundwork your chances of unhappy ending is lessened.