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I am in San Francisco.  Everywhere I look I see sort of amazement. People chatting in the coffee shops, reading the papers, taking their dogs for the morning poop. Yep, magnificence in all its glory.

Then, below the hill the trash is flying around and people pushing shopping carts, yelling at each other, greeting, hey bro, whats up?
Some are playing music in a hope for a a change. Quite good, I think to myself.

Honking horns, street sweeping, cable buses, insane bicyclists.
The smell of fried meat coming from the Taqerias, filled with irresistible aroma. Oh, help me…

I see magnificent cypress trees swaying in the cold wind coming from the Pacific, succulent flowers and plants of different sorts. I see butterflies dance in front of my nose, playing sort of hide and seek.

I also see the smallest of magnificene.
Restless, moving slowly on a leaf, the catepillar is waiting to break free and expand, soaring up to the sky away from the restrictions that it was born into. I agree on that.

San Francisco, I love her so much.


The Catepillar
gouache on 10*14 in. paper