Acrylics on Canvas Board, 16 by 20.

I am trained as a graphic designer and have in the past years worked on various illustrations digitally mainly from sketches. Recently, I picked up the  paintbrush and some colors and started to paint, as a respond from a long standing curiosity that eventually won over. Non of this process involves a computer – I’m happy to say.

I have to admit that I find no similar experience in the act of creating. For me, painting can be a pure exchange of energy and sometimes leaves me with deep satisfaction, vs. working on a screen for hours at a time can leave me quite drained. But one has to judge for him/herself.

San Francisco may have been on my mind when I painted this one. While this painting was in the making, this city sort of revealed itself slowly and gradually. I’ve been asked how I make the straight lines and if I use tape, but no, it’s just about taking a deep breath that counts and riding oneself of stress, that’s all I can say. And it’s absolutely impossibly to convey the feel or colors of the real image with an iPhone…